Destination Weddings…At Home!
In a perfect world, you could charter a jet and whisk your loved ones away to your dream destination. But sadly, destination weddings can absorb so much of your budget, the ability to share your special day with everyone is greatly diminished. And if having all your loved ones on hand for your celebration is a top priority, you might need to rethink getting married on an exotic beach.
But wait! There is a simple solution: bring the destination home. There are many budget friendly ways to incorporate the rustic elegance and coziness of a far off place right in a local venue.
Tuscany, Italy

Yes please! The landscape, wine, rich colors and delicious food have made this part of Italy an increasingly popular wedding destination. Can’t get your 100+ guests to Tuscany? Well just bring that little slice of heaven right to them! 

(Sources: A.B.S. via Smartbargains // Lela Rose via Wedding Shoppe // Amsale)

Color themes can involve light purples, soft greens and deep blues.

Lavender is the name of the game when it comes to the flower that will transport your guests to a peaceful Italian field.

Have a gourmet Italian pizza bar and, of course, only serve Italian wine J


Hello, American gorgeousness! Montana offers spectacular views of mountains and farmland that make you want to sing “Home on the Range” or “Doe-A-Deer”…whichever you prefer. The bad news: mountains aren’t moveable. The good news: rustic charm is!

Find a local barn and turn it into a Western dream.

(Source: Party Frosting)

Use and abuse burlap for tablecloths, chair covers, and favor bags.


Incorporate lots of wild flowers…

(Source: Martha Stewart)

…and serve fun skewers or creamy mashed potatoes.

Have hay bales stacked outside for some late night s’mores. And, if you’re really dedicated, bring in a good fiddle band for some cheek-to-cheek dancing!


Marry Welle