Sep 20

How to pick out the best air fryer?

Have you ever been afraid of oily or fried foods? Or are you extremely interested in them and you want to stop but you are just not able to do so? Have you ever thought of eating those foods as much as you can but still being protected from high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke? If your answer is a yes, then let’s start a journey of seeking for the best air fryer for your kitchen!

Before start looking for a air fryer, you may ask yourself what is it. It is a cooking machine that use Rapid Air Technology to be on behalf of your gas cooker, electric cooker, microwave, etc… giving you and your family stunning dishes of fried, grilled, toasted food with a tablespoon of oil. How could that even be possible? This Rapid Air Technology uses just and only hot air to make your food heated through. The fan incorporated inside it will make hot air circulated around the food, make your food done thoroughly with crips coating but still soft inside whether it is chicken, French fries, fish, vegetable, pork, beef, cupcake or any kind of foods. What is more impressive is that the technology has created a new era for cooking machine: eat fried food- no obesity- stay healthy.

The question here is that, how eating fried food but still be healthy? Because all the food which is putted inside it will just need a very little amount of oil: a tablespoon. It saves upto 80 percent of oil compared to classic cooking gadget. Is the taste different? No. Is the food less attractive? No. This is why we call Rapid Air Technology a new era for cooking machine.

Now it is your time to find a best air fryer for your kitchen. What you need to consider before deciding to buy an good one is: Brand, Size and Features.


In case you have no idea how to choose a good product based on their technical specifications, looking for a distinguished brand is the best option. Unquestionably a trusthworthy brand brings you good –quality product, in case there is any little chance that your product is not good, you still have great warranty service ready for you.

Size and Capacity:

You should take the size of your kitchen into consideration, buying a big-size machine will take up too much space for a small kitchen.  Depending on the amount of foods for each meal, pick up the one with right capacity will save your time for cooking.


You may want to compare the features between various models . Which temperature range most suit your cooking needs? Which design is your best favourite type? Which machine has the most affordable price for your budget? Answer these questions and find the best machine for your best healthy meals onwards.



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