I’m telling you, flea markets are the mother load for finding great treasures to include in your DIY Wedding! And to do this darling escort card project, I suggest heading to your local flea markets, yard sales and antique districts (even Goodwill!) to gather enough spoons to make these personalized treasures for your special day.

Here’s what you will need:

  • Safety goggles
  • Ball peen hammer
  • Small sledge hammer
  • Bench block
  • Metal Stamp Set
  • Fine grit sand paper
  • Sharpie marker

Find a solid, non-fragile surface (i.e., not your kitchen table or floor tiles) and begin by turning the spoon upside down and smashing it with the sledge hammer.

Flip over and pound down the edges. Flip again and even out. Be sure that the handle is also straightening out with the newly flattened top.

Once you’re satisfied with it’s flatness, place it back on the solid surface you began hammering on. Using the letter that falls in the middle of the name, align the metal letter stamp it in the center and strike it hard (about 20 times) with the ball peen hammer. Repeat until you are happy with the indentation.

Do the remaining letters (hitting each letter 20 times or more). Then fill in the letters with the sharpie marker.

 Take the fine grit sandpaper and buff away any sharpie that isn’t filled into the imprints.

And there you go! These are great escort cards and a unique gift for your guests to bring home from your wedding!


— Marry Welle

(All photos and instructions courtesy of Elizabeth Anne Designs)