Oh my, I keep stumbling upon some really cute garland ideas and I’ve compiled my favorites for some decorative inspiration! The talent out there is just so amazing I can hardly stand it! A lot of these pictures come with DIY instructions so I will indicate accordingly…

First up, Dixie Cup Garland.

I LOVE this! I feel like the possibilities are endless when it comes to which paper you use. And the general uses for this garland – innumerable. Birthday party, Wedding, bedroom decoration, Bridal Shower – go crazy! Head over to the Hey Gorgeous Blog for a step-by-step on how to create this darling little gem.

Next we have Tissue Paper Garland.

Swoon! Another great DIY whose color possibilities are endless. I’m loving the step-by-step provided by Mint Love Social Club, mostly because part of “What you’ll need” is a cocktail :)
For something classic, Doily and Cupcake Liner Garland.

This is just TOO fun! You could also use some colorful cupcake liners since those seem to come in all sorts of shades and patterns these days. Elizabeth Anne Designs breaks down the how-to for this garland, as well as provides about a zillion other DIY creations that rock!
Moving right along, Button Garland.

Got any extra buttons laying around? Well head over to Carter and Cook Event for this easy project that is just cute as a…oh I can’t. But you know what I mean!
And from Miss Martha, Silk Petal Garland.
Well, well, are we surprised that Martha Stewart also has a darling garland how-to from silk flowers? Not at all. And it’s so easy, I can hardly stand it. 
And although they don’t come with step-by-steps, I just love these garlands and HAD to share!



— Marry Welle